This  Corporation At 86/8/15 Actually Started To work On Independence Law Of Electric Energy Distribution  Portals . Decentralizing and Closing The Decision Making Centers To executive uinties , Control Apply and more Superinted On Electric Regions and Districts,Participation Of Staffs In Decision making Of Corporation by Ouns Resignation or Ouns Wanting From Company For Increasing  Incitations and Innovation DevelopmentOn Directorial Scope Level Of Corporation and also Reducing The Bureaucracy For Predigestion ,Precipitate and Porrect and Beffitting Services Qualititative and Quantitativ  improvement To Region ‘s Proud People In Energy Ministry  Totality Policy, are some Of Corporation Goals.

Tehran Regional Electric Energy Distribution Portal Covers 25 Cities and 21 Regions  in a Range With 11541 km2 Space and it’s Directorial Scope In Geographially Case Is Described In Below :

North: From The North its Conduce To Mazandaran Provience and Includes FiroozKooh,Damavand,Absard,Gilan,Roodehen,Boomehen,Lavasanat, Maygoon and Roojar Qasran Regions.

East and Southeast: Tehran Regional Electric Energy Distribution Portal From East and Southeast  By Covering Pakdasht,SharifAbad,Pishva and JavadAbad Regions Adjoins To Semnan Provience.

South:Qom Provience Is Neighbor With Corporation From The South.and Regions That Coverd By This Area are Qarchak,Varamin,Kahrizak,BaqerShahr and HasanAbad.

West  and Sou 'wester : Amplitude Of Geographially Scope Of Corporation

Is  Confined To Karaj,Shahriar And Partial Of Markazi Provience From West  and

Sou 'wester and Includes RobatKarim,EslamShahr,Golestan,Boostan,Vavan And ChahrDange Regions In Tehran Provience.


Tehran:Shohada Square, First Of Piroozi Street .

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